149+ Nerdy WiFi Names for Every Geek Out There

wifi names for geeks

If you’re here the chances are that you’re a nerd. But a cool one, right?  Jokes apart, I think nerds are cool.  Well, I won’t go deeper to the definition of Nerd according to the Google result because that might obviously offend you. It might offend me too as well because I’m also a nerd. […]

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Cool WiFi Names for Your Router [2019 Edition]

Are you one of those notorious people in the neighborhood who wants to appear cool in every way? Do you wanna be like #MyWiFiBeTheCoolest? Because I’m sure you want to. 😉 I’ve found a way to do so – show your coolness through your WiFi name! Yes, you’ve heard it right! The only way to […]

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200+ Funny WiFi Names

funny wifi names

Have you just bought a brand new router and a WiFi connection? Or you have it already for a while, and it has an old, boring name? Either way, you’re in the right place!  😀 Picking the funniest name for your WiFi or Hotspot isn’t an easy task. You need to be creative, unique and […]

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